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Universalism is a dangerous and malicious lie. It leads people to think that it doesn’t matter what you believe, sin is not really a problem, and there is really no need for a Savior. Universalism single-handedly destroyed Christianity in much of Europe, and universalism is working hard to destroy the faith of remnant believers in the American church today. By presenting a god wholly different from the true God revealed in the Bible, Young mocks the importance and uniqueness of the Word of God. He makes the Bible equal to or less than whatever personal imagination anyone might have of God.

Dr. Michael Youssef, Leading the Way; Pastor, The Church of the Apostles

De Young’s research on the biblical doctrines concerning humanity, God, and salvation is impeccable. His careful and detailed refutation of Paul Young’s teachings serves as a much-needed correction for twenty-first-century pop theology.

J. Carl Laney, Professor of Biblical Literature, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

Paul Young, author of Lies We Believe about God, has produced a book whose misrepresentations of the words and teachings of Jesus are more blatant than those which surfaced in The Shack. Thankfully in this book, Lies Paul Young Believes about God, James B. De Young gives a thorough biblical critique of Paul Young’s diatribe against Christianity. Paul Young has an appealing writing style, and his rhetoric sometimes grips the younger generations. With a Bible in your hand and the assistance of James De Young, you will emerge unscathed from an unprecedented threat to the faith of Jesus the Christ.

Paige Patterson President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

From his personal acquaintance with Paul Young and his years of biblical teaching, James De Young writes a strong and thorough refutation of Young’s attack on the core of Christian teaching. In each chapter, he responds from the Bible to Young’s Lies, and in his appendices, he shows why Young cannot be considered orthodox. Read De Young’s book to review the major points of evangelical faith.

John Van Diest, Publisher of Christian books

It is normally easier to discern what an author actually believes when the genre employed is non-fiction rather than a novel. Dr. De Young here takes advantage of that kind of shift in Paul Young’s latest book to continue his much-needed warning about the nature and ramifications of Young’s theology. In a systematic and thorough manner, De Young traces Young’s multiple deviations from biblical orthodoxy and models a much more even-handed handling of Scripture.

Dr. Randal Roberts, President/Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

Dr. James De Young has written a biblically saturated rebuttal to the insidious writings of Paul Young regarding universal reconciliation – a Satanically inspired, yet dangerously appealing, false teaching that trivializes life and death issues. Reading this book will illuminate the truth about the heretical nature of universal reconciliation, as well as strongly affirm the orthodox belief that eternal life is experienced through faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ alone.

Richard Malcolm, ThM; a former student and colleague of De Young’s

The prophet Jeremiah warned the Babylonian captives to watch out for the wolves among them. That warning still applies today. Thanks to wise and discerning men like James De Young, the Church is being warned not to believe half-truths wrapped around the shoddy doctrines of “another gospel” and heretical teachings that can so easily lead people away from Calvary. This book is a wake-up call to the Church in the twenty-first century. It is a must read!

Janet Parshall, National radio host, speaker, and author; Host/Executive Producer, “In The Market”

James De Young made an impact on my radio audience about the time The Shack film came out. He knows, perhaps better than anyone, the stealth attack Paul Young has perpetrated on Christians. Listen to his warnings in this new book.

Jan Markell, Founder/Director, Olive Tree Ministries

In Lies We Believe about God, Wm. Paul Young is proposing truth about God; the title itself declares this intent. Any professing Christian should respond to this as did the Berean believers upon hearing the proclamations of Paul in Acts 17:11. They examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. In Lies Paul Young Believes about God, James De Young has initiated that process for those who read Young and desire to know the truth. Read it prayerfully with your Bible open and with your heart ready to know and submit to the God of truth.

Steven Hardy Pastor, Damascus Community Church

James B. De Young has given the church a masterful biblical refutation of the latest book from popular author Paul Young, whose embrace of universal reconciliation has influenced millions of evangelicals. With Scriptural clarity and discernment, De Young breaks down the lies of the man whose real goal is to change Christianity. A marvelous exposé that needs to be widely read!

Janet Mefferd, Nationally syndicated Christian radio host

When The Shack was published, William Paul Young was asked if he believed in universal salvation, and he adamantly denied that his book promoted universalism. But now, ten years later, he openly admits it. As an acquaintance of William Paul Young, James B. De Young is more than qualified to refute Paul Young’s latest book, Lies We Believe about God. This is a must-read for those who are contending for the faith in these last days, as it will better equip you to be a defender of the truth, in light of the apostle Paul’s warning about those who would preach “another gospel.”

Dwight Douville, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Appleton, WI

I am pleased to heartily recommend Dr. James B. De Young’s new book, Lies Paul Young Believes about God. Now that Paul Young has stepped out from behind the characters in his novels to more directly reveal his theology and intent, Dr. De Young’s latest book focuses with absolute clarity on the core issues that every biblically minded Christian needs to be aware of. I pray each reader will read and accept Lies Paul Young Believes about God as a God-sent warning about false teaching rooted inside Christendom in these last days.

Eric Barger Founder, Take A Stand! Ministries and author of Disarming the Powers of Darkness

Sometimes the best way to love others is to tell them the truth. In Lies Paul Young Believes about God, James De Young does just that. Exposing error in defense of the truth is becoming increasingly necessary in a world of self-appointed authorities. Read this book and the one being challenged with the sword of the Spirit between them; then make your decision about which best represents the truth. It won’t be hard to tell.

Mark L. Bailey, President, Dallas Theological Seminary

With clarity and conviction, in fairness and in a now-strained friendship, Dr. James DeYoung presents the lies, distortions and straw-man arguments that celebrated novelist Paul Young asserts in his troubling book. In turning from evangelical faith to Universalism and propagating his heresy to many, Young has become an “evangelist of a bad gospel.” James DeYoung’s powerful critique is needed and welcome.

Dr. Ronald B. Allen, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary